A boundary that unites

The Insubria region is one of the most beautiful regions, industrious and wealthy of Europe and was awarded the merger between Italicity – common matrix of all its territory – and Swissness, creating a unique combination of values, ways of feeling, thinking and acting like or otherwise highly complementary and with a high potential untapped. In a sign of a border that unites the Royal Insubrica is offered, in compliance with the institutional competence of its members, young and flexible as a tool for strategic management of the territory. It invites its players to overcome the logic of local content, without disregarding the differences are a source of enrichment and to cooperate in the name of what unites this territorio.La Working Community Regio Insubrica promotes cross-border cooperation in the region Italo-Swiss pre-alpine lakes and promotes awareness of belonging to a territory that is registered, beyond the institutional boundaries, in geography, history, culture and language.

The Regio Insubrica work in the belief that integration through co-operation, of the great resources of the territory insubrico and its evolution into a functional space, can free up new resources and new energy and give new growth prospects for those who live, work and spend his free time in this region. In the era of globalization, the Royal locates in the development of a strong local and interconnected reality of a transnational modern and open-minded, a response, to ensure the Insubria region in the future, the important role of a bridge between the North and the South of Europe.

The mirror of your dreams

Sometimes the most beautiful things are beyond our gaze. The seek distance. But they are handy and does not take much to discover. Insubria, always “Way of the Gentiles”, green and hospitable already at the time of the Celts Insubri who gave it the name, has much to offer because the flows civilization for centuries along the rivers and on the shores of its lakes. A common feature of the landscape is the presence of water in Insubria. As the travelers of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, you will want to be a virtuoso of watercolor to fix the double charm of nature when it is reflected in the shimmering surface of a lake. The dense forests and colorful in autumn; the profile of the Monte Rosa overlooking the majestic landscape; vineyards, parks, villas overlooking the lakes Maggiore, Como, Lugano and Orta; hiking trails and mountain huts territories: receives everything from the water, near or bright in the distance, a strange place.



The province of Varese, especially the area of the lakes, has always been a hospitable and industrious. The happy marriage between landscape quality and the ability to make enterprise of its inhabitants has allowed us to achieve notable firsts in all fields. The proximity to Milan, Switzerland, the most important automotive hubs, airports and railway stations of Northern Italy, hotel accommodation and an efficient network of services in the province of Varese are the ideal and easily accessible to the business, or sports competitions the elegant tourism immersed in a unique landscape.


Mainly mountainous and hilly, and only a small part of the flat. From north to south they follow different landscapes depending on the zone: Alpine, Alpine foothills, hills and plains. Known and appreciated both in Italy and abroad, the Lario is the real hub of the tourism industry is just Como. In recent years, the number of tourists has increased enormously attracted by both the natural beauty, making it one of the most beautiful Italian landscapes that by historic homes and coastal villages, consisting of old houses perched between lake and mountains and characterized by steep stairs.


The Province of Lecco has a growing population, distributed mostly in small towns: they are only the 6 municipalities, including the capital, have a population of more than 10,000 inhabitants. The territory of Lecco lies “on that branch of Lake Como” by Manzoni, protected by its mountains “fountains of waters.” The Lario, lined with historic mansions with beautiful parks and botanical gardens, formed by the river Adda in Bellagio is divided into two branches: the branch of Como and Lecco branch west to east and is the protagonist and witness of the events of these lands.


The Province of Verbania is one of the provinces ‘youth’ of Piedmont. Interesting area from the naturalistic point of view, includes Lake Maggiore and the Borromean Islands of even the youngest lakes Mergozzo and Lake Orta. A unique natural scenery, beautiful gardens and a wine and food culture rich in traditions. Blend into a harmonious design lakes, castles, villas and flora endless. The territory is crossed by countless rivers of  which the largest is the Toce that flows into Lake Maggiore, between Stresa and Pallanza.


The territory of Novara boasts a long journey that has seen a number of people trampling the soil, work, love, suffering, and leave traces of himself to the people and to the generations that came after. There are many traces of settlements from the beginning of human history on the planet: signs coming from the Paleolithic and traces of the civilization of Golant, especially in the area of the lakes. The Province of Novara is the seventh province of Piedmont for the extension. The area includes two major lakes: Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta.


Located entirely south of the Alps, Ticino is one of the twenty-six cantons of the Swiss Confederation and is the only Italian language. A Swiss corner of paradise between beautiful landscapes, rolling hills and green hills painted by the colors of nature that varies continuously. A land of contrasts. Ticino is a land Latin: in Ticino, the Romans brought the vine, they left important works (towns, bridges, mountain passes). The traditions and culture of Ticino are the result of a combination of influences that make this unique.

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